All shall fade...

Hi! My name is Michelle, I'm 24, a lesbian, I live in NY, and and I have terrible impulse control. I love Harry Potter, Starkid, LOTR, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Nerdfighteria, Disney, Broadway, Jane Austen, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Star Trek, and nerdism in all forms. I need books more than sleep and music more than oxygen, and I quite literally never shut up. Like ever. If I had a super power it would either be flying or shape-shifting. I use the word fangirl as a verb. I always forget where I've left my glasses. My socks never match. Compulsive show-tune singer. Sometimes bitch. Love me anyway?
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Re-reading Dalton today, and I come across this line in chapter sixteen.

"Rock salt never hurt anyone innocent!" Dwight shot back.